The Reach Out Project

The President, Board of Trustees and all volunteers wish to extend our thanks to all those who have supported us through various mediums – donations, events, personal gifts etc, and attending functions organised for the benefit of the Charity.
Without your diligence, kindness and unselfishness we would not be able to meet our commitments. 

‘Reach Out’ is designed to demonstrate the unconditional love of Jesus, by reaching out to those in desperate need – especially the homeless and destitute of our town and surrounding area. We have set up a drop in/outreach centre where people seeking help can come and have a chat with us. Our aim is to be different to already existing organisations by making sure that, whoever comes to us, is not just another number but becomes our friend. We try to take time to sit down, offer a coffee and biscuits and a hot lunchtime meal.

Building a relationship and trust is the first step, trying to bring a little relief into their physical situation the next, and only then will we seek to work on the spiritual side of things.

The Families Supermarket!
For families we offer food once a week and we do try to tailor the parcels as much as we can to individual needs, like family size and so on. We also offer clothes, bedding, towels, household items and even furniture if needed as long as we have these things in storage.

The Families Supermarket!
The Families Supermarket

For the homeless, apart from breakfast and lunch, they can take a shower, have a shave, get some clean clothes, even maybe a haircut and a foot treatment. We also give them some food to take away, which of course needs to be somewhat different to the usual parcels as they don’t normally have access to cooking facilities.

and this filled our Van!
and this filled our Van!

The Vision

This is only a first step, the vision is going somewhat further. We want a much larger place, where we can have a shop and café/social area in the front, lots of storage and workshops in the back.

In the first few weeks of opening one other thing has become very clear; the overwhelming need for emergency accommodation. Nothing of that kind is available, but desperately needed for all nationalities, even for the British as we found out to our amazement.

The Reach Out Centre.

Shop Entrance
Shop 1 Entrance
The Families Supermarket

Is located in Calle Bella Antonia and this is the hub of the Charity.
The main office where all our Administration is carried out is a small area behind the Comedor.  Our Families Supermarket is also behind the Comedor and from here we distribute food and hygiene products to the needy families registered with us.

Our Comedor seats about 60.

The Comedor is where our homeless receive a hearty breakfast  from 9am to 10:30am.  A hot Lunch is served at 1pm and the centre closes at 2pm.

Someone Need Help?

If you or someone you know is experiencing hardship and needs support here in the Torrevieja area, please contact us.  All calls are dealt with in absolute confidence.

Would You Like To Help?

Would you like to get involved, reach out and make a difference to someone’s life?

There are many ways in which you can volunteer and help:

  • You could donate your unwanted household items, clothing, furniture and food.
  • You could donate your time and help us to help others.
  • You could also donate money or help with our fundraising efforts.

Reach Out Centre: Calle Bella Antonia 1, Local 5 open Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00,  Call 965 713 063 or email REACH OUT
Our first Charity Shop in Local 4, opens Monday to Friday from 10:00 till 14:00.

Our lovely young Shop Assistants
A couple of our lovely Shop Assistants
View from the Checkout Shop 1

Charity Shop 2  in  C/Doña Sinforosa 8, open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 till 14:00

shop 2 (2)
Shop 2 Entrance


You can always drop off donations at any of the shops or at some of our local Business helpers.

Donations: we have several drop off points please contact us on 965 713 063 for your nearest one, or to arrange collection for large items call Davy on 698 499 226(voicemail) or email  Transport

Pablo’s International – Parque Del Duque, Orihuela Costa
Cathy’s Curiosity Corner – Benijofar(behind the Citroen garage)
Cheers Bar, Eagles Nest,-  Orihuela Costa.

“The one step you feel you can´t take is always the greatest step in any God given dream”

And after that? Well, God leads and we follow.

The Board of Trustees extend their sincere gratitude to ALL who have helped those in need, benefactors, shoppers, volunteers, and those who attend functions and fund raising events.  THANK YOU

Clothing, bed linen and shoes sorting area.
Clothing, bed linen and shoes sorting area.

You could also donate money or help with our fundraising efforts.

ReachOut centre C/Bella Antonia 1, local 5, open daily form 9.00 until  14:00
Our Charity shop1 : Calle Bella Antonia 1, Local 4, open on every weekday  from 10:00 until 14:00,

Charity shop 2: C/Doña Sinforosa 8, open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 till 14:00


Our Charity Registration number is CV-01-050467-A